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The Swedish company Enjay has developed the worlds first profitable energy recovery unit. Problems with grease and soot has until now made it technically and financially unviable to recover energy from restaurant ventilations. Enjay has overcome this problem with its Lepido solution. Lepido’s aerodynamic design and self-cleaning features allows the solution to work in the harsh environment of restaurant ventilations. Furthermore, Lepido is free of maintenance, making every kilowatt-hour recycled a financial saving. This means that property owners worldwide can simultaneously save money and contribute to the climate.

Lepido in All New Burger King Restaurants

In June 2019, Enjay’s Lepido solution was installed in a new Burger King restaurant in Östersund, Sweden. The results show that the solution recovers 120,000 kWh annually. Burger king was so pleased with this
result that Lepido will now be installed in every new Burger King restaurant in Scandinavia with efforts being made to launch the system in the rest of the EU and in the United States. Apart from Burger King restaurants the Lepido solution is already installed in numerous restaurants and hotels in Norway and Denmark.

Reducing Global Emission by One Full Percent by 2050

Today, there are 15 million buildings with restaurants in the world recycling no energy at all, thus wasting enormous amounts of energy and causing unnecessary emissions of GHG. With Lepido, the average restaurant can reduce its yearly CO2 footprint by 30 metric tons. This means that if all the world’s 15 million restaurants implemented Enjay’s Lepido technology, the global CO2 emission could be reduced by one full percent by 2050.


Enjay is the Swedish company behind the first profitable technology for energy recovery in restaurant ventilations. Enjay is a member of Sustainable Business Hub and has existed since 2019. Enjay’s mission is to put an end to wasting energy – because the cleanest form of energy is the one never produced.

Lepido at a Glance:

Lepido is the world’s first profitable energy recovery unit for restaurant ventilations.

  • All new Burger King restaurants in Scandinavia will have Lepido installed as a standard.
  • Due to its aerodynamic design and self-cleaning feature, Lepido can overcome problems related to soot and grease.
  • The delivered effect per converted restaurant varies from 17 to 106 kilowatts, lowering the average annual emissions of CO2 by app. 34 metric tons.
  • Lepido could potentially reduce global CO2 emission by one full percent by 2050



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