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The COSME co-funded BRINC project will unlock the potential of cross-border PPI by acting as an Innovation Procurement Broker and establishing a European Hub for PPI in a circular economy.

The project aims to facilitate the identification of public innovation needs, conduct market consultations to identify market capabilities and potential solutions, and help public buyers tap into the innovative capacity of SMEs. The project will enhance the capacity of Public Authorities to engage in cross-border PPI for circular solutions and establish a focal point for engagement between Europe’s leading innovation ecosystems and ambitious public authorities interested in leveraging cross- border PPI to accelerate the circular economy.

Between December 2021 and December 2024, it will develop methodologies and build capacity for cross-border innovation brokering.

BRINC includes 5 modules:

  • Capacity-Building & Collaboration: Building networks of Public Authorities and Innovation Procurement Brokers, and learning from real PPI processes;
  • Need Identification: Identifying needs of circular sustainable solutions shared by Public Authorities in several countries;
  • Market Consultation: Identifying existing and potential solutions within the innovation ecosystems and providing insight in relevant procurement procedure to follow;
  • Preparation of Procurement procedure: Choosing and implementing procurement procedures as well as facilitating key decisions during the procurement procedure;
  • Learnings: Capturing lessons learned and formulation of best practices

The BRINC European Hub for PPI in the circular economy

This hub will create a focal point for engagement between a) public authorities interested in leveraging collaborative cross-border PPI to accelerate the circular economy on the one hand and b) Europe’s leading cleantech clusters, their SME members and broader innovation ecosystems on the other. It will ensure that investments in innovations by public authorities are accessible to SMEs and drive the innovative development towards a circular economy.

The BRINC Professional Network of Public Authorities interested in PPI
The aim of the Professional Network of Public Authorities interested in PPI is to promote the adoption of PPI by helping public authorities to develop their competences through capacity-building and knowledge-sharing activities, as well as to foster a culture of innovation.

There are 3 ways to engage in the Professional Network:

  • Lead Buyer: ready to embark on cross-border PPI processes
  • Follower Buyer – interested in pursuing cross-border PPI in the near future and perhaps piggy-backing on the Lead Buyers
  • Learning Buyer – need additional capacity building and are simply interested in learning from the experiences of others

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