International Cleantech Network


Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) make up the mass majority (99%) of business in the EU and (95%) globally as the backbone for employment, economics, and innovation. Start-ups, Scale-ups, SMEs, and-the-like are the innovators who solve the world’s greatest challenges one niche expert at a time. ICN offers these innovators the opportunity to expand their businesses and enter new international markets. Through utilising our vast network of partners including public authorities, cities, large corporates, and research institutions we are best placed to provide innovators the opportunity to enter new markets. Indeed, we offer numerous services which are tailored for innovators to scale up.

ICN Solutions

Our members across the world are constantly bringing forward new and exciting innovation collaboration opportunities which is essential when giving innovators a head start in accessing new markets. ICN Solutions is an online platform which enables users to build trusting partnerships for business collaborations, to access opportunities in new markets, and connect with stakeholders. Sign up on the platform to browse current opportunities.

Soft Landing Service

As a member of an ICN cluster, you can make use of the ICN Passport, our reference when connecting global clusters to one another. This passport offers Soft Landing Services which will help you gain access to markets that are strategically important to your business.

  • Through being a member of one of the ICN clusters you can use the office workspaces and conference rooms at one of the ICN clusters while you are exploring market opportunities
  • SMEs of an ICN cluster can request from any other ICN cluster to help identify and meet potential partners and gain business contacts from around the world.
  • Get in contact with us and tell us which market is on your radar and we can help give you a head start in getting established.

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My company "XY" is a proud member of Sustainable Business Hub in Malmö Sweden, which is a member of ICN. GreenCape is the only African member of ICN. This week I am working from their office while we discuss how Sweden & South Africa can collaborate around international opportunities and value, and how to enhance our competitive advantage. As a member, I have full access to the beautiful office & a booked Board Room, which is really valuable for me enabling me to host meetings here. Being a member of Sustainable Business Hub enhances my business tremendously internationally

Clara Norell

Founding Director and Creative Agent at XY INNOVATIVE HOUSING

It was crucial to collaborate with the International Cleantech Network in our search for 1,000 Efficient Solutions; we needed that partnership to increase the quality and geographical diversity of the portfolio. Now that this scouting objective has been reached, we foresee teaming up with ICN to anchor our Foundation’s advocacy and implementation actions in the reality of challenges on the ground. I am looking forward to continuing leveraging that strong partnership to boost the adoption of cleantech.

Victoria Smaniotto

Head of Outreach, Solar Impulse Foundation

We look forward to engaging with the network and helping to accelerate the transition to a clean energy future by sharing best practices with other network members and learning from their experience.

Alistair Pim

Vice President of Innovation & Partnerships, NECEC

Las Brusquitas joined the ICN to participate in the sharing of best practices for cluster management and to gain access to new business opportunities.

Rodrigo Espinosa

Director, Las Brusquitas Green Tech Cluster

By being a member of the ICN, Aclima has strengthened our ability to support our members in their internationalisation process.

Olga Martinez General Director, Aclima