International Cleantech Network

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The International Cleantech Network (ICN) is an exclusive network of cleantech clusters from the world’s leading cleantech regions that aims to generate new business opportunities, enhance competitive advantages,and create value for companies, knowledge institutions and local authorities across cluster regions. ICN was launched in 2009 by Copenhagen Capacity, one of the founders and main partners of CLEAN, Denmark’s leading green cluster. ICN is formally registered as a legal entity in Denmark.

If you are interested in being part of our exclusive network, please fill out the basic contact information and we will reach out to setup a onetoone meeting.


The members of ICN are characterized by their public-private setups which involves SMEs and other stakeholders from various industries such as water, waste and energy. Together, ICN clusters mobilise a large breadth of cleantech ecosystems. ICN’s 22 members meet on a regular basis, have personal relationships and mutual trust and confidence, all of which are key to the organisations activities. These members represent the worlds leading cleantech regions, in total connecting over 4000 organisations consisting of businesses, public authorities and research institutions.