International Cleantech Network


Internationalisation is a core aspect of ICN’s services. By giving access to international challenges relevant to the expertise of ICN members and by providing the ICN passport services, which allows ICN members to request assistance when looking for support in a region where another cluster member is based, ICN enables its members to develop and strengthen their international partnerships.

ICN Solutions Platform


Find cleantech opportunities all over the world!

ICN solutions is an online internationalization platform where cleantech businesses can find and engage in opportunities from our ICN partners all over the world.

To find the right internationalization opportunities for your business:

Register on ICN Solutions and get access to an international ecosystem of cleantech opportunities. It takes two minutes to create your profile and then you can browse opportunities from all over the world. You can find opportunities within the sectors:



Circular economy

Click “Join Opportunities” to create your profile and use the filters to search for opportunities within a certain cleantech sector, or in a specific part of the world.

Be part of an online ecosystem and gain access to SMEs, large cooperates, universities, experts, etc. working with cleantech globally.

By joining opportunities on ICN solutions you will engage with relevant counterparts interested in the same opportunity. Furthermore, you can connect directly through the chat function with any other user on the platform.

The platform also allows you to create visibility for your business. By creating an organization profile, your organization can be found by other actors in the cleantech ecosystem, making it easy for actors from all around the world to get in contact with your organization.

With ICN solutions you will become part of an evergrowing ecosystem of innovative cleantech stakeholders driving the global green transition!

ICN Passport

The ICN Passport is a service that allows interested members within the ICN network to request assistance when seeking new project partners or business opportunities at a local ICN cluster in the targeted region. It also provides the local cluster with the opportunity to expand its network, to meet potential partners, and to gain new knowledge.

Soft Landing Service

Soft Landing Service Benefit

The ICN Passport allows for a visiting cluster or member of the cluster to be hosted at the workspace of a hosting cluster. The offer is subject to the availability of the host cluster resources (supporting staff, documentation, space) and terms for the visit must be negotiated amongst the involved parties. The visiting cluster/company will have an office desk to work from and the possibility to use meeting facilities at the office of the local cluster. The local cluster will be able to demonstrate added value to its own members by facilitating contact with foreign partners creating possibilities for new business.

What our clients say about our work

My company “XY” is a proud member of Sustainable Business Hub in Malmö Sweden, which is a member of ICN. GreenCape is the only African member of ICN. This week I am working from their office while we discuss how Sweden & South Africa can collaborate around international opportunities and value, and how to enhance our competitive advantage. As a member, I have full access to the beautiful office & a booked Board Room, which is really valuable for me enabling me to host meetings here. Being a member of Sustainable Business Hub enhances my business tremendously internationally.

Clara Norell

Founding Director and Creative Agent


The members of ICN are characterized by their public-private setups which involves SMEs and other stakeholders from various industries such as water, circular economy and energy. Together, ICN clusters mobilize a large breadth of cleantech ecosystems. ICN’s 22 members meet on a regular basis, have personal relationships and mutual trust and confidence, all of which are key to the organization's activities. These members represent the world’s leading cleantech regions, connecting thousands of organizations consisting of businesses, public authorities and research institutions.