International Cleantech Network

Public Authorities

We work together with public authorities, municipalities, and cities from across our global network to help them define their specific needs and find solutions that their area(s) are facing. ICN acts as a public procurement broker to create clear communication strategies for public authorities about their innovation needs and future purchasing interests.

Acting as intermediary, ICN becomes a bridge for public authorities to engage in trusting partnerships, identifying shared needs for cross-border collaboration, engaging SMEs in market consultations on a truly European and global scale, and navigating the challenges of coordinating a complex process among several buyers in different countries. Which, in turn, sends a strong signal to suppliers, such as SMEs and corportate entitites, that such demand exists, strengthening incentives for innovation.

The ICN Secretariat has perfected a roadmap whereby we mature leads gathered from our network and assist local authorities in identifying solutions and changing their procurement standards.

International Challenge Processes

Phase 1:

The process begins with a scoping exercise conducted in collaboration with the local authority.

Phase 2:

After scoping the challenge in terms that are relevant for SMEs, ICN engages in a communications campaign to engage the network’s vast SME network in the challenge process.

Phase 3:

At this stage, one of two methodologies is used depending on the nature of the challenge.

Narrow need: If the challenge is a relatively narrowly-scoped need, the Secretariat simply organizes an application and selection process in coordination with the challenge owner.

Complex Need: If the challenge is complex, a more open-ended and collaborative process is implemented. SMEs and other stakeholders such as public officials and researchers are invited to participate in a workshop process aiming to define the challenge. Once the boundaries have been scoped, stakeholders collaborate on co-creating solutions in further workshops.

Phase 4:

Finally, each group of partners presents their solution to the challenge owner, who decides which solution to move forward with.

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