The International Cleantech Network (ICN) is an exclusive network of cleantech clusters in the world’s leading cleantech regions, aiming to generate new business opportunities, enhance competitive advantages and create value for companies, knowledge institutions, and local authorities across cluster regions.

Who we are

International Cleantech Network

International Cleantech Network (ICN) is the world’s leading global cleantech network consisting of 19 regional clusters from around the world.

ICN clusters

ICN clusters are typically based on a triple-helix structure, meaning that their membership consists of companies (primarily SMEs), public authorities, and research institutions.

SMEs of the ICN clusters

The SMEs of the ICN clusters are on the international forefront of sustainable energy and environmental industries and collectively provide innovative technologies to meet the growing global demand for green technologies and sustainable solutions.

Members of ICN

As members of ICN, clusters can provide opportunities for their members to expand their international networks and associate with project owners outside of their region.

The International Cleantech Network

130+ cities

120+ universities


16,000 SMEs



ICN is continuously identifying potential relevant leads in cities and corporations around the world.


ICN Passport

The ICN Passport is a service that allows interested members within the ICN network to request soft landing support from other ICN clusters when exploring new markets.


International visibility, partnership building, and funding opportunities are a core aspect of ICN’s services relevant to the expertise of ICN members.


Calls to take part in demand driven contests and solve crucial problems are the challenges we find for ICN members to figure out.


Access to R&D institutes and proven TRL industry products and services secures innovation for ICN member’s pilots and projects, specifically public-private authorities seeking circular solutions.

Project Development

Being a part of the ICN entails being part of a network of preferred partners. ICN members engage in project discussions with other ICN members and form consortia and joint project applications.  


Knowledge exchange and capacity building is a core part of ICN’s values. It is optimized through thematic focuses in ICN operations and can be used as a tool to grow into new regions through capacity building of candidate member organizations.

Ready to get started?

Internationalization is a core aspect of ICN’s services. On the ICN Solutions online platform, SMEs and industry can find internationalization opportunities from all around the world and to connect with the global cleantech ecosystem.

Latest News



It is with great pleasure that we would like to share with you that the ICN annual booklet of 2022 is out!!!   2022 was the year when the world started to recover from the pandemic, but also the year when we could witness the outbreak of a war in Europe....



The ICN welcomes Greennova Hub, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, as new member!   Founded in 2022, Greennova Hub is the Brazilian cleantech cluster. It is an independent non-profit association that seeks to support and foment the green transition in the Brazilian...

Success story: InfoTiles & BlueArk Challenge

Success story: InfoTiles & BlueArk Challenge

InfoTiles enters Swiss market after winning one of the BlueArk Challenges InfoTiles - a member of Nordic Edge - has won the BlueArk Challenge to provide a municipality in Switzerland with continual wastewater network monitoring to tackle inflow & infiltration...


My company "XY" is a proud member of Sustainable Business Hub in Malmö Sweden, which is a member of ICN. GreenCape is the only African member of ICN. This week I am working from their office while we discuss how Sweden & South Africa can collaborate around international opportunities and value, and how to enhance our competitive advantage. As a member, I have full access to the beautiful office & a booked Board Room, which is really valuable for me enabling me to host meetings here. Being a member of Sustainable Business Hub enhances my business tremendously internationally

Clara Norell

Founding Director and Creative Agent at XY INNOVATIVE HOUSING

It was crucial to collaborate with the International Cleantech Network in our search for 1,000 Efficient Solutions; we needed that partnership to increase the quality and geographical diversity of the portfolio. Now that this scouting objective has been reached, we foresee teaming up with ICN to anchor our Foundation’s advocacy and implementation actions in the reality of challenges on the ground. I am looking forward to continuing leveraging that strong partnership to boost the adoption of cleantech.

Victoria Smaniotto

Head of Outreach, Solar Impulse Foundation

We look forward to engaging with the network and helping to accelerate the transition to a clean energy future by sharing best practices with other network members and learning from their experience.

Alistair Pim

Vice President of Innovation & Partnerships, NECEC

Las Brusquitas joined the ICN to participate in the sharing of best practices for cluster management and to gain access to new business opportunities.

Rodrigo Espinosa

Director, Las Brusquitas Green Tech Cluster

By being a member of the ICN, Aclima has strengthened our ability to support our members in their internationalisation process.

Olga Martinez General Director, Aclima

Our Members

The members of ICN are characterized by their public-private setups which involves SMEs and other stakeholders from various industries such as water, circular economy and energy. Together, ICN clusters mobilize a large breadth of cleantech ecosystems. ICN’s 19members meet on a regular basis, have personal relationships and mutual trust and confidence, all of which are key to the organization’s activities. These members represent the world’s leading cleantech regions, connecting thousands of organizations consisting of businesses, public authorities and research institutions.


Circular Economy City Practices & Opportunities

December 2020

Hear insights on how clusters support circular economy in cities from three interesting cases.