International Cleantech Network

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The ICN started in 2009 as a 5-year EU funded project to create cooperation between cluster organizations from across the world. After the end of the project, the network was carried forward by the members and a secretariat was established in Copenhagen. Since then, the network has successfully developed projects and cross-cluster activities, which has allowed it to scale into the truly global network of cleantech clusters which ICN is today.


The International Cleantech Network (ICN) is an independent non-profit organisation for the world’s leading cleantech cluster organisations. Our purpose is to build a strong global platform that enables project collaboration, internationalization, and the acceleration of clean technologies to support the sustainable transition.The ICN does this by connecting cleantech clusters from around the world, facilitating cross-border cooperation, capacity building and knowledge sharing for clusters, and access to global cleantech ecosystems

International Cleantech Network

International Cleantech Network is the world’s leading global cleantech network consisting of 19 regional clusters from around the world.

ICN clusters

ICN clusters are typically based on a triple-helix structure, meaning that their membership consists of companies (primarily SMEs), public authorities, and research institutions.

SMEs of the ICN clusters

The SMEs of the ICN clusters are on the international forefront of sustainable energy and environmental industries and collectively provide innovative technologies to meet the growing global demand for green technologies and sustainable solutions.

Members of ICN

As members of ICN, clusters can provide opportunities for their members to expand their international networks and associate with project owners outside of their region.

What is CleanTech

Clean technology, or cleantech, encompasses companies and technologies that produce products, processes, and services to enable environmental sustainability. Meaning our mission is akin to greatly reducing, or eliminating, negative ecological impacts while improving the productive and responsible use of natural resources. The ICN supports the vast, expanding, and overlapping fields of water, energy, and circular economy under the cleantech umbrella.

The International Cleantech Network

Ready to become a member?

The ICN is always looking for new cleantech clustersfrom around the world to join the network. If your cluster is interested in joining do not hesitate to reach out.