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Revolutionizing an Industry

Over 90% of global trade is transported by sea, and the global maritime transport annually emits around 1,000 million tonnes of C02, 15 million tonnes of sulphur oxides (SOx), and 25 million tonnes of nitrogen oxides (NOx). The International Maritime Organisation has introduced new regulations to control emissions, and Daphne technology has set out to revolutionise the industry with their solutions.

Circular solution

Daphne technology as developed a circular solution to the air pollution problem in the maritime sector. Daphne Technology’s products are all-in-one, plug-and-play solutions for the shipping industry that removes pollutants from marine engine exhaust gas. The purification process converts unwanted pollutants in the exhaust gas (SOX, NOx, CH4) into a valuable by-product, agricultural fertiliser. In this way, Daphne Technology eliminates waste and ensures the continual use of resources. While contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, the solution also produces considerable savings in operating costs, making it a simple and sustainable solution for shipowners.

Cleantech Catwalk

CleantechAlps recently nominated Daphne Technology to pitch at the Catwalk Competition of Sustainable Innovations 2020. Daphne Technology had the opportunity of pitching their technology to world-class entrepreneurs, journalists and investors and was selected by the jury for the semi-finals.



Daphne technology is a SwissSwedish company based in Lausanne, Switzerland and Gothenburg, Sweden developing technologies to tackle and reduce air pollution.

Daphne technology was chosen as one of the top 100 Swiss startups for 2020 by Venturelab. Daphne Technology were in the top-3 of the start-ups in the cleantech category.

The technologies

  • SlipPure Methane: a non-catalytic exhaust gas purification system developed to limit methane slip from LNG engines. It is removing simultaneously 90% of CH4 and NOX.
  • SulPure SOx: Tier I offering guarantees SOx removal from all ship types in line with 2020 0.5% IMO regulation by 99% Sox and 99% PM removal transforms. NOx and SOx pollutants into valuable fertilizer.
  • SulPure SOx NOx: NOx and SOx ensures pollutant removal from Tier II and III vessels as required by regulations. 85% NOx removal.


CleantechAlps, Switzerland


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