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Absolar: Carbon Action Planing Tool

Absolar is a company originating from the University of Southhampton and the Royal Academy of Engineering, using Al and GIS technologies to help local authorities and building owners lower their carbon emissions and understand their solar feasibility at the highest accuracy. An increasing number of UK businesses and organisations have declared climate emergency with ambitious carbon neutrality plans but lack the ability to develop a tangible action plan due to lack of information and ability to survey individual buildings and energy systems within their portfolio. Therefore, organisations cannot estimate the potential of carbon emission reduction by conducting various interventions, as well as the feasibility and cost effectiveness. This is the problem adressed by Absolar.

Absolar’s project will develop a computer software solution, namely Carbon Action Planning Tool (CAPT), that helps local authorities and organisations understand their energy saving potential and formulate comprehensive carbon action plans. It will use Al and big data analysis to assess large building portfolios and complex energy systems and then evaluate the potential of installing various energy saving measures, such as renewable energy systems and building refurbishment. The proposed software will help thousands of companies and organisations become more energy efficient, reduce expenditure from energy costs, and gain green credentials.

Secured Funding Through EMphasis 3 Project

The EMphasis3 is a project funded through the European Regional Development Fund. The project is an SME support project with the goal of supporting the shift towards a low carbon economy and it is run by the University of Portsmouth together with the University of Winchester and ICN member Greentech South. Absolar took Its CAPT project plan to the EMphasis3 R&D Innovation Project Selection Panel in September and were successfully awarded a £29,000 grant in order to help take this low carbon innovation closer to market.


Absolar has been engaging with ICN Member cluster Grentech South since joining the EMphasis3 Project. Greentech South has assisted Absolar in shaping an R&D application. With Absolar being awarded the grant they are now set to begin the project.



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