Success Story: Bowtie Construction

by | Aug 19, 2021 | News

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When it comes to sustainable home refurbishments, extensions, renovations and loft conversions, Bow Tie Construction are the specialist ones in the UK.They focus on meeting high quality specifications, but they can also advise on more affordable projects such as delivering every day energy saving measures. The company joined Greentech South as a part of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) EMphasis3 project. From there, they have received an energy efficiency audit and a grant that helped them to fund their transition from a diesel company fleet over to electric vehicles — which saved them an estimated 14k pounds per year and 48 tonnes of CO2.

Hagop Matossian, the Innovation Director at Bow Tie Construction, has described how it is to work together with Greentech South at the EMphasis3 project: “We had a dream for our business to lower is operational carbon. Our work is building energy efficient homes and it felt out of step with our company vision to rely on diesel vehicles for transport of supplies and workers. The Emphasis3 grant was a great opportunity to make steps in the right decision. GEP Environmental assessed our current carbon output and provided the quantitative analysis to show that replacing our first two diesel vehicles with EVs would reduce or lifetime carbon output by 48.6 tonnes of CO2. These vehicles are also saving the company huge amounts of money in ULEZ fees as several of our job sites are in Central London.”


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