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What’s New in the Water & Waste Management Sector?

News from ICN Members: GreenCape, South Africa Ecotech Quebec, Canada Green Tech Cluster, Austria


GreenCape, SA

Case Study: Building livelihoods from waste: Informal waste recycling in Vrygrond

GreenCape has, in conjunction with the City of Cape Town, published a waste case study which focuses on the informal recycling sector and buyback centres in supporting the livelihoods of those living in the Vrygrond informal settlements. A Community entrepreneur set up a buyback centre employing 20 and providing income opportunities to 300 waste reclaimers. This approach provides both and income source and a positive environmental outcome, and the model illustrates a solution the city of Cape Town can consider when addressing waste management in informal areas.



Ecotech Quebec, CA

Spotlight: four companies Label by the Solar Impulse Foundation as Efficient Solutions in the waste management sector

Ressources Geomega: The aim of the Geomega solution is to provide an environmentally sustainable and profitable solution to recover rare earth elements from permanent magnets and other mining sources. The solution is based on an innovative approach of recirculating and recycling the main reagents to produce high purity rare earth oxides while generating less waste solvent or toxic by-products.

PyroGenesis Canada: PyroGenesis’ APT-HP Highpower plasma torch is an environmentally friendly replacement for fossil fuels for burners in industrial applications leading to great reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. The APT-HP can be used to transform materials into valuable products from various industrial and waste materials.

VIRIDIS environnement: The SHOC technology & Recycling is a turnkey service developed by VIRIDIS environnement for small to medium municipalities to design, finance and operate sites for household waste treatment and recycling of organics. This solution is a process chain allowing municipalities to treat and dry the organic fraction contained in the garbage, and transform it into a fertilizing material.

Waste Robotics: Waste Robotics solution Unicollecte is an intelligent robotic system which sorts different waste streams by separating them by different coloured bags. This means that citizens can put the green bag of organic waste in their existing garbage bin and then it will be sorted and stored by an intelligent robot system at the sorting point. This allows for a single picking of residual waste reducing trucking and GHG emission.




Green Tech Cluster, AT

Recycling test and research center opened by Andritz and University of Leoben

In the end of 2020, International technology group Andritz opened a new test and research centre for the recycling industry. As a result of the cooperation within the Green Tech Cluster, the University of Loeben has decided to also locate its digital waste research lab at this research hotspot. The center is equipped with innovative shredder technology enabling customers to carry out recycling trials under real plant conditions.

Recycling of nuclear power plant parts by Schrott24

Shrott24, the largest European online platform for the trade of scrap metal, now recycles parts of the German decommissioned Mülheim-Karlich nuclear power plant. The nuclear power plant parts have been stored for more than a decade because no solution for reuse could be implemented. Being specialized in the recycling of scrap metal form industrial production, Schrott24 now takes on this task.


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