CLEAN CONVERSATIONS: Summary of Clean Conversations webinar series

by | Aug 31, 2020 | News

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In June, the International Cleantech Network (ICN) and the Solar Impulse Foundation (SIF) hosted a Clean Conversations webinar series. The three Clean Conversations webinars were focused on Clean Recovery, Clean Procurement, and Clean Investment, also adressing challenges and opportunities related to the current situation with COVID-19.

Episode 1

Clean Recovery – Green Economic Recovery after COVID-19

In the first Webinar, panelists shared their insights and discussed the post-COVID-19 recovery and examined similarities and differences across three regions: Europe, North America, and Southern Africa. The panelists highlighted that all recovery stimulus packages should include sustainable goals and green jobs.

“With all of this potential investment from governments, it is an automatic thought for all of us on the call that this has to be a green recovery.” – Jeanette Jackson, CEO Foresight


“Since Covid-19 has hit South Africa, these topics have become even more the focus in the discussions on how we build a society we want to see after the crisis.” – Mike Mulcahy, CEO GreenCape

Episode 2

Clean Procurement – International Cities Engaging Cleantech Solutions

The second webinar in the Clean Conversations series discusses how cities need to ensure that the recovery from COVID-19 is sustainable, resilient and innovative, and the role of public procurement in ensuring a green recovery.

“With a Danish focus, we have involved our cities in a network that enables our smaller companies to get a larger footprint, with access to partners and opportunities globally.” – Henrik Bjørnager, CLEAN International


“We cannot achieve the green recovery unless we interrogate the role of cities in this crisis.” – Pelle Lind Bournonville, Realdania

Episode 3

Clean Investment – Corporate Championing Cleantech Adaption

In the third and final episode of the Clean Conversations webinar series, the panelists discussed how corporations can invest in cleantech to collaborate in support of scaling-up the deployment of technologies and support trade.

“We need to take concrete actions now with technologies that are marketready, and implement them.” – Stéphane Roussel, Managing director, SOLVAY Ventures


“In terms of corporate championing of cleantech adoption, we need to source innovative solutions that meet sustainability needs.” – Jeanette Jackson, CEO Foresight

If you have not watched the Clean Conversations webinars yet, all three episodes can be found in full lenght here:


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