International Cleantech Network


ICN provides a unique platform that allows members to engage in project discussions with other clusters in order to form or join project consortia.
ICN’s network consists of 19 clusters on 4 different continents. The ICN clusters are typically based on a triple-helix structure, meaning that their membership consists of companies (primarily SMEs), public authorities, and research institutions. This ecosystem consists of 120+ public authorities, 130+ knowledge institutions and 16 000 SMEs.
Knowledge exchange is a core part of the ICN’s value. It is optimised through thematic focuses in ICN operations and can be used as a tool to grow into new regions through capacity building of candidate member organisations.

Annual Meeting

ICN annual meeting are great opportunities to exchange about latest projects and partnerships development and meet external ICN partners.

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Thematic Groups

Thematic groups such as energy and water specialize on event identification and webinar establishment so that specific insights can be disseminated.

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Cluster to Cluster Meeting

Knowledge sharing meetings are centered around specific themes and drives inter-clusters project development and event establishment.


One of the main features which makes ICN a frontrunner are the partnerships which we have forged with both private and public entities. These partnerships are essential when it comes to sourcing new leads and creating value for clusters. Examples of our partners include: