International Cleantech Network

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What we do

The International Cleantech Network enables the worlds leading cleantech clusters and their regional ecosystems to collectively develop and implement sustainable solutions that contribute to and stimulate the global green economy.

ICN offers a range of services aimed at generating new business opportunities, enhancing competitive advantages and creating value for the companies, knowledge institutions and local authorities of its members.

Project Development

Being a part of ICN provides a unique platform that allows members to engage in project discussions with other ICN members in order to form or join project consortia.

Support technician

SME Internationalisation Toolkit

This is a guide for SME to internationalise through the building of consortiums and partnerships and getting access to regional and european fundings.

Knowledge Sharing

Knowledge exchange is a core part of the ICN’s value. It is optimised through thematic focuses in ICN operations and can be used as a tool to grow into new regions through capacity building of candidate member organisations.


The members of ICN are characterized by their public-private setups which involves SMEs and other stakeholders from various industries such as water, waste and energy. Together, ICN clusters mobilise a large breadth of cleantech ecosystems. ICN’s 18 members meet on a regular basis, have personal relationships and mutual trust and confidence, all of which are key to the organisations activities. These members represent the worlds leading cleantech regions, in total connecting over 4000 organisations consisting of businesses, public authorities and research institutions.