3 Jan 2017


ICN Passport Regional Promotion, 3rd edition: CleanTech Delta – Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Not just for nothing, the slogan of Rotterdam is: “Make it happen”. It is not a secret that this city is one of the most innovative of the Netherlands and maybe even Europe. With a strong network of top universities and many creative institutions, young professionals predominate the city. Many initiatives for start-ups, such as the Cambridge Innovation Institute (CIC), Innovation Quarter stimulate new and disruptive technologies.



Several reasons to do business in Rotterdam as a region:

  • The biggest and still expanding port of Europe and a convenient local airport: >30 ‘business destinations’
  • An international city with a cosmopolitan atmosphere
  • Young and dynamic with a hands-on mentality
  • More than 1.200 international companies, like Unilever, Shell and Maersk have established offices in Rotterdam
  • A true melting pot of cultures the city is home to roughly 175 nationalities and over 30.000 expats
  • Almost 40% of all companies in Rotterdam exist of fast growing “scale-ups”

Major opportunities areas are:

  • Biobased: The generation of bio fuels and gas of waste or biological materials
  • Urban lab: Increasing efficiency of the city, reducing emission or the decrease of waste
  • Energy: The reduction of energy use, reduction of carbon emissions, alternative ways of generating energy or more efficient ways of using current energy
  • Water: Processing of wastewater, controlling surface water, the elimination of water pollution and the use of water for other purposes

Clean Tech Delta supports its members with:

  • Networking & Matchmaking

CDT regularly organize meetings and share relevant information. Innovations often found in chains place, where the first paying customer is an important milestone. Co -creation with potential customers increases the chances of commercial success.

  • Businesscase development & Knowledge

Collaboration on implementing projects. By connecting relevant partners, Clean Tech Delta facilitates the process from idea to business case. Their partners can help define a project’s focus and do its’ initial screening. Furthermore, the association with Icos Capital brings with it the potential for financing and access to knowledge.

  • Project Organization

The small and agile office of Clean Tech Delta handles the selection and initiation of projects. The members then handle the project implementation. Professional project management is of great importance in achieving the project’s goals.


How to Proceed?

If you are interested to exploring market opportunities, then just fill in the ICN Passport Application. You will receive shortly after a communication from the host cluster.

Also, for more information about this region and how they are implementing a sustainable and strong economy please click here or send an email to

More information about ICN and the passport and the application can be found here.


This is another benefit to be a partner of International Cleantech Network.



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