Current Regional Promotion

Every month, ICN promotes member clusters from a particular region as part of the ICN Passport Service. We are currently promoting our French cluster member Tenerrdis. If you are interested in exploring the cleantech markets in the France, you can do so by simply applying for the ICN Passport.

ICN Passport Regional Promotion, 16th edition (June 2018):




  • Energy – new energy legislation creates profound shifts across the industry
  • Construction – buildings as energy consumers and producers
  • EnerNet – the convergence of the energy grid and the internet, the next energy revolution.
  • industry – energy as a major challenge for the Factory of the Future
  • Mobility – new forms of energy for carbon-free mobility
  • Smart Cities – seeking solutions to cities’ future challenges


  • International research facilities and multidisciplinary research teams
  • Strong synergy between universities, research and companies
  • Tech leading industries: cleantech, micro-nanotechnologies, IT & software, energy, medtech, chemistry, sustainable construction, etc.
  • Strong involvement of the local authorities in new projects
  • Attractive area with hundres of foreign owned companies and tens of countries represented
  • Major international events hosted in the region

For more information about regional opportunities in the Auvergne Rhone Alpes region in France, please click here.