Current Regional Promotion

Every month, ICN promotes member clusters from a particular region as part of the ICN Passport Service. We are currently promoting our Norwegian cluster member Nordic Edge. If you are interested in exploring the cleantech markets in Belgium, you can do so by simply applying for the ICN Passport.

ICN Passport Regional Promotion, 14th edition (April 2018):




  • Cluster of smart technology companies and solution provider within the smart city sector
  • Cities and municipalities with challenges and opportunities related to urbanisation, social changes, and resilience
  • Put the citizens’ interest and well-being first. At Nordic Edge we call this Smart with a Heart.
  • Innovation in business and industry
  • Development of quality services and cost effective smart city solutions for and with cities 


  • International events and network, workshops, and seminars
  • Strong cluster with Nordic and international reach: bringing forward new projects, products, and services
  • Access to a network of entrepreneurs, private companies, research & educational institutions, and the public sector
  • Hosting one of Europe’s largest Smart City meeting places
  • Accelerator for the development of smarter cities and communities
For more information about regional opportunities in Norway please click here