Denis Leclerc, 

Écotech Québec, Canada
President and CEO 


Cédric Brüll, 

Tweed, Belgium
Managing Director


Michael Johansen, 

CLEAN, Denmark
Head of Business Development


Susan Sanford, 

Research Triangle Region, USA
Executive Director

Catherine Candela,

Tenerrdis, France
General Manager


Jan Rispens,

Renewable Energy Hamburg (EEHH), Germany
Managing Director


Mike Mulcahy, 

Green Cape, South Africa


Tobias Schwab,

Green Tech Cluster, Austria
Deputy General Manager

Per Simonsson, 

Sustainable Business Hub, Sweden
Managing Director


Fred van Beuningen, 

Clean Tech Delta, Netherlands
Industry Executive, Cleantech investing

Richard Hall,

Greentech South, UK
Project Manager

Eric Plan

CleantechAlps, Switzerland
Secretaire General




Denis Leclerc – Écotech Québec

Vice-Chair Finance (Treasurer)
Mike Mulcahy – GreenCape
Role : ensure that the annual budget is developed for approval, appropriate financial statements are prepared, and present the annual financial statements to the Board and to the annual general meeting.

Vice-Chair Governance (Secretary)
Catherine Candela – Tenerrdis
Role : ensure effective operation of the Board, in accordance with the Bylaws.

Vice-Chair Annual Activities & Operations
Jan Rispens – EEHH
Role : ensure that operations are efficient and effective, in line with the annual objectives.

Vice-Chair Strategy and Growth
Tobias Schwab – Green Tech Cluster
Role : ensure that the strategy is in place to prospect for potential new members (clusters) and to expand the reach of ICN.

Vice-Chair Clusters’ members
Michael Johansen – CLEAN
Role : ensure that the members of the clusters will benefit concretely from ICN and be active in proposed activities and projects.